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Benny Cook
Born in Illinois
43 years
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Vicki Cook

My Big Brother


My Big Brother, his friends call BC

My Big Brother, our mom calls Benny Lee

It was so hard to stand and watch you in pain

And see you walk with a limp, too proud to use a cane

I could see in your face you were tired

So God accepted your application and said, “You’re hired”.

It’s finally over, your suffering and pain

God takes the best, those who don’t complain

You were the first to be born, and also taken

While we’re the last and trying to get there in the making

There’s not a day that goes by that I won’t think of you

Because you were the brother a sister loved so true

You had a heart as pure as gold

And a beautiful smile that always shined through

My Big Brother, Benny Lee

You will be missed dearly

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